Antihero Skateboards

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Antihero Skateboards is a skate company under DLXSF umbrella, headed by the GOAT of all GOATS - Julien Stranger.

The pro team includes John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, Victor "Doobie" Pellegrin, Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt, Chris Pfanner, Tony Miorana, Grant Taylor, Robbie Russo, Daan Van Der Linden, and Brian Anderson. Past riders include Andrew Allen, Tim Upson, Brian Seber, Eric J and Bob Burnquist. Videos include The Antihero Video, Fucktards, 2 Song Video, Tent City, Cash Money Vagrant. Four of the current riders have won Thrasher's SOTY, John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Brian Anderson and Grant Taylor. All hail Cardiel. 

We at aim to have the best selection of Antihero Skateboards products in Northern Europe ready to ship directly from our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland.

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