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Happy Hour Skateboards is a Finnish skateboard company started in 2002 by Jarkko "Jake" Poropudas and Mikko "Kemppu" Kempas. 

Fourstore.fi parent company Four Down Distribution has helped Happy Hour with sales, production and distibution since 2012. 

Happy Hour's section at our online shop can be considered "straight from the source" - our stock includes all the inventory directly from Happy Hour Skateboards warehouse.

Here you can find some hidden gems from past collections including some exclusive very limited releases of collaboration collections with Tom of Finland foundation and Moomin Characters LTD., as well as newest products Happy Hour Skateboards has to offer. Occasionally we might release some exclusive products to be only available at FOURSTORE.FI 

Happy Hour Skateboards team 2024

Jarkko Poropudas, Aleksi Fräki, Eetu Hirvonen, Jimi Rautio, Oona "Onskari" Solehmainen, Tomi Rehula, Matti Sippola, Tommi Björk, Olli-Matti "Jöle" Juntunen, Tuukka Korhonen & Tave Silvast

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"Look son, this ain't no ice hockey, this is a lifetime deal."