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We got amazing selection of skateboard wheels from the best wheel brands like Spitfire Wheels. 

From our Spitfire Wheels section you can find the super popular, industry leading Spitfire Formula Four wheels in various shapes, sizes and hardnesses. Our selection of Spitfire Formula Four wheels includes the shapes Spitfire Classic, Spitfire Classic OG, Spitfire Tablet, Spitfire Radial Full, Spitfire Conical, Spitfire Conical Full & Spitfire Lock-In. We always aim to have a great selection of Spitfire Formula Four Wheels in stock, but these are in really high demand and sell out quickly so make sure to order if you see your size in stock! 

From our wheel selection you'll also find cheaper pricepoint wheels in super high quality. Film Trucks Bonjour Wheels are natural colored high quality wheels for fraction of the price of a regular pricepoint! Free Pizza Hardware's Mozzarella Wheels is our local Finnish wheel with high quality and cheap pricepoint.

Shop your skateboard wheels from FOURSTORE.FI, all of our wheels are in stock ready for shipping at our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland. 🇫🇮