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Heroin Skateboards is a brand operated by Mark "Fos" Foster. 

As an artist, his graphics & typography are familiar to people from for example logo work he's done for brands like Altamont & Deathwish Skateboards.

With Heroin Skateboards, he designs the majority of the graphics, creating a very distinguished looks for the Heroin boards. The boards usually have some other special stuff going on too, like Razor-Edge construciton, wheel wells, and weird shapes. 

Within couple years we've had Heroin Skateboards in our offering, it has quickly become one of the best selling skateboard brands we have. That tells a lot about how good the special shapes are! 

Heroin Skateboards team riders are Swampy, Nolan Houghton, Dead Dave, Dalton Dern, Zane Timpson, Chopper, Aaron Wilson, Craig Questions Scott, Lee Yankou, Chris Pulman, Tom Day & Corey Leso. 

We at fourstore.fi always aim to have the best selection of Heroin Skateboards products in Northern Europe ready to ship directly from our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland. The reality is that these boards sell out fast, so be quick if you see something you like in this section!

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