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Venture Trucks is a legendary truck brand operated under DLXSF distribution since 2011. Venture Trucks itself was started in 1989. Their most famous truck models include V-Lights & V-Hollow, now added with the most lightweight to date version V-Titanium. All Venture Trucks are made in USA. 

Venture's team list includes names like Kader Sylla, Jack Curtin, Chandler Burton, Stefan Janoski, Gino Ianucci, Torey Pudwill, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy, Rodrigo TX Teixera, Morgan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, Keelan Dadd, Kevin Romar, Sewa Kroetkov, Michael Bowen, Carlisle Aikens and Paul Rodriguez.

Venture is also known from doing collaboration trucks with several brands like Shake Junt, Cash Only, DC Shoes, Skate Jawn & Thrasher Magazine. 

We at always aim to have a good selection of Venture Trucks products in Northern Europe ready to ship directly from our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland.

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