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Shorty's started as a hardware company in the early 1990's by Tony Buyalos in Santa Barbara, California.

Even though their high quality hardware had already became popular, the company really took a next step with launching Shorty's Skateboards in 1996 together with their first team rider, Chad Muska. After getting kicked out from Toy Machine, Muska was looking for a new start for his career, and found a home at Shorty's, having a lot of creative control, team input and a big paycheck. Before focusing on Shorty's Skateboards, they released one video under Shorty's Hardware that featured riders like Rick McCrank, Eric Dressen, Dave Mayhew & Chad Muska to name a few. 

The rise of Shorty's Skateboards highlighted with Fulfill The Dream -movie that was released in 1998. Still to this date it's one of the best skate movies of all time. 

1998 Shorty's team consisted of following riders; Chad Muska, Steve Olson, Aaron Snyder, Sammy Baptista, Jesse Silvey, Toan Nguyen, Peter Smolik & Brandon Turner. 

Followed up by pin-up girl style advertisements in skate magazines with Rosa, Shorty's quickly became one of the best selling skate brand in the late 1990s. Fun fact - Chad Muska and Rosa never dated, Rosa has said in an interview that the only pro skater she ever dated was Kris Markovich. 

From the success in skateboarding, Shorty's Snowboards also launched in late 1990s. Team consisted of following riders: Kevin Young, Chris Brown, Devun Walsh & Dionne Delesalle. After Shorty's, Devun Walsh started to ride for Forum Snowboards and became one of the most legendary snowboarders of millennium era. 

Another fun fact; Matt Costa rode for Shorty's, singer-songwriter who has toured with Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, Oasis, and Death Cab for Cutie. Before his music career took off, Matt was an up and coming amateur skateboarder. 

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